Times They Are A Changing…

It’s quite a good winter here… the chill feels nice against the skin and the nip in the air feels crystal clear J I love winters… my favourite of all seasons…


Moina’s third winter… do you know what that means?! She will soon turn three…oh, my gosh, wasn’t she just born!!!!!! Time flies and how?! My little lady has already started school. Although it’s got a slight speed bumper in the way that she fell ill. Again!!! I am now trying to use more common sense to calm my nerves when it comes to her because I cannot afford to live on the edge of paranoia as a mother. Her circle of exposure is increasing and that’s also opening new avenues of exposure for her, exposure to people, infections, various foods et al. So I am just trying to substantiate her misses with nutritious food. As much as possible.


Moina is now slowly becoming a fussy eater. Not fussy because she is not enjoying foods, but she is more distracted these days. I used to lose my patience earlier and get all mad at her and that caused heartache at both ends. So now the trick that I have picked up is that I need to engage her. Tell a story, ask her about her day (I am a working mother so we end up meeting only late evenings), so I get into a story telling of her day, my day etc. What can I do? I don’t think I am spoiling her or that it’s going to create other baneful habits of not eating together et al. Right now this is what the scene is and the outcome has to be for her to eat her meals 🙂 So if she needs a story, a story she gets 🙂

Of late I had a few of my friends asking what books to buy for their children…well, my lil’un is almost three but I have always bought her books that I grew up with… simple but beautifully illustrated fairy tales, bed time stories, some pop-up books and Amar Chitra Kathas. I have also continued to bring in a steady stream of Bengali illustrated folk tales because that’s my mother tongue :-). But then the other day a very dear friend of mine who is also a new mother got me gifts for my baby. She got me something really priceless…she found a store in our little but very delightful city which sells ONLY Children’s books, beautifully illustrated and written only by Indian authors and storytellers. I mean, WOW!!! Indian designs and artistes just bring in a beautiful grace into any visual and you will know it when you see the pictures. The stories are short, crisp and absolutely imaginative. Love it. And Moina loves it too 🙂


Image Courtesy: tulikapublishers


Moina’s First PopUp book



Panchatantra 🙂

I recently went home to my Mom and Dad along with Moina…these trips are always the most cathartic and indulging. It’s so always full of love, good food, great conversations and lots of laugh, hugs and sweet nothings. And I always learn something new about parenting. I noticed Mumma started engaging Moina in some small house errands and my little munchkin was more than happy to help and she did it all with great elan. And mum said engaging kids in housework gives them great delight and a sense of achievement. Also keeps them more productive and initiates a sense of discipline. That almost took me back to one of my grannies who runs a Montessori school and she had told me that kids love to work. You should always engage them in household chores…little by little and see how harmonious it gets managing a tot 🙂 Well, I am still trying.


Moina now has started school and with my husband and me both full time professionals, I managed to negotiate a governess cum cook so to speak for her. So managing the lady’s timings, ensuring she takes care of the baby, does what she has to do around the house and all that is a new experience. I am not so fulfilled doing that because I reallllllllllyyyyyy wish I could feed her, tuck her into bed, dress her up etc. Especially when I go back home and realize that she is not dressed the way I wanted her to be, or she is down playing with her snacks half eaten, a little part of me gruntles and sinks in guilt and disappointment. I want to be with her, I want to work, I want to do her hair, I want to make that kick ass presentation, I want to cook her a delicious snack, I want to discuss my Client’s corporate strategy, I want to read her a story, I want to grow in my profession… what all I want?! And is that wrong?! I don’t think so… I just wish I could manage better, organize better… Tips anyone?!!!! Am all ears.




3 thoughts on “Times They Are A Changing…

  1. Maddy, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can and I don’t think Moina can resent you for that. You’re giving her everything she could ever need and you’re being there for her when she needs you. A mother who is inattentive wouldn’t notice these things about her child as you’ve documented here. I used to have the same sort of doubts but I started ensuring I spend quality time with my son when I can. Just the other day we both were playing his favorite game http://www.schoolofdragons.com . When I’m off, we schedule something – a walk in the park, cooking together etc. I always say that it’s quality over quantity and looks like Moina is getting the best from you! Kudos!

  2. Thanks Samantha for those kind words. Reading your comments first thing in the day made me feel so good. Ya,. you are right… i think quality over quantity is always good…and yeah, may be I will also put some time together for her and me which I can follow everyday, like a play or a walk, or something that she likes doing. Thanks and Cheers.

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