Towards A Youthful Existence…

It’s all about being Young… Reducing ageing lines and wrinkles… banishing any tell tale sign of age growing in on us… stretching our skins to the tightest corners of our body to get the toned look, hair glistening with the sheen that we were born with till we take ourselves to the grave, the youthful gait, the spring in our steps, the white as a full moon teeth and a smile to go with it… crow’s lines is almost the biggest failure a woman ever has faced…



I am continuously reminded of Peter Pan; and the more commercials I see on television advocating us to look younger as we grow older, I begin to believe that we as a world are all suffering (for the lack of a better word) from The Peter Pan Syndrome. While I am not referring to this syndrome in any way clinical, though I have come to understand that there sure exists a clinical and psychological state as that… but I am just trying to derive the refusal to grow to this syndrome. It’s not a Never Never Land and we all are growing for sure… growing old… but what I find amiss is that at some point in our lives a few years back there was a concept of ageing gracefully and an admiration for men and women who moved ahead in their lives with an innate self worth and assertiveness that age was just natural and it was okay to age. We had and I think some still have a deep seated idea of how our parents should look and how they should present themselves as they grow older and as we grow older too along with them. (And I am talking only in the Indian Context).

With mothers looking younger and fathers looking more hip and behaving more ‘In’ with times to just accompany us in our younger lives, there is a growing sense of insecurity amongst the children today as well… could it be that they are feeling cannibalized in their own peer group? With Mothers looking hotter than them, Fathers are cooler than them where do these kids fit in?

I am completely pro the idea that we should take care of ourselves as we grow, nourish our skin, nourish our hair, exercise and meditate and to have a healthy existence. But to be awashed by feelings of unattractiveness just because you are ageing seems a bit too petty.

We need to soul search… we need to come to terms with ourselves… of what we are worth and feel good about it. Youth and Ageing are natural phases in a human existence and we all need to accept it. Take it in our stride and feel well. Be well. I am sure with all the age replenishing ingredients that are being marketed to us it’s natural to feel unprepared to grow old and look young at the same time. But what is needed more is the acceptance of our true selves, are values and a rendezvous with the real ‘us’ in us. The Never Never Land exists within us… it doesn’t have to be about immaturity and non-acceptance of ageing… the youthfulness and feeling young should be an attitude, a way of life, a perspective to looking at everything around us and not about skin blemishes and dark spots. It has to be skin deep… It is Skin Deep. Only then it will not be cakey and made up. The Crow’s lines will then not be so much about ageing but will be the lines that add character to our faces that speak volumes of our meaningful existence.

And maybe then, Peter Pan will not seem like a shallow character who refuses to grow… he will be our symbol to a youthful existence and a younger mind and soul.


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