The Window

Satyajit Ray’s Charulata followed the Bengali babu from her window through her binoculars… it was poetry in motion… it not just depicted her curiosity or sheer amusement of seeing that man everyday on a particular time but what is more critical to note is the window… the window in some metaphorical way depicts her soul, it’s a window to her life outside that reflects what she feels within. The loneliness, the bird in the golden cage occurrence…

The window: It’s a world out there and it shares a glimpse of that to you…


Wherever on earth you may be, upon a hill top on a tree house or a brick house in the village, a sky scraper or a thatched hut… a window there is…

The window narrates a different story everyday… of changing seasons and raging weathers, of spring and summer, autumn and winter. It brings you wafting smells from a sweetmeat shop somewhere or freshly washed clothes. The window brings you sounds of the world… a vendor, a street crier, a bark and a faraway lark. The window shows you people who keep time, and all who wait for others, many who have been there ever since you looked out of that window… a paanwala or a cobbler, the local grocer or the laundry man, or the parsi uncle who washes his car clean twice a day 🙂

The window shows you a world you have never known… sometimes almost mirroring what you want to see… that mouthful of sky, the breeze that brushes on your person, the rains that splatter on your sill, the clouds that scurry past, the bird that nestles cosy ina flowering pot you have… the world outside changes its look, it’s garb, it’s feel and what it has to offer… and you wait this side of the window… with hope.

The window brings hope, anticipation, a wait, a story, a faraway fragrance, thoughts that conjure up desires and wishes, colours and sounds… The window is a story. The window is a hope. The window is a soul. The window is a mirror to the society. The window is a picture frame that changes every passing minute. The window tells time and lets you participate in every moment that turns into a page in history.

We all have our windows and we all have our stories…. The window is a peek into our lives and a look into what’s happening outside in the world. The window: A summary.


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